Spotlight Employee of the Month

Congratulations Naomi Allen


Ms. Allen has been employed with RNH since 1989 almost 30 years! She worked as a nurse for most of her time here and more recently, she has been at the front desk. In her spare time, she enjoys watching movies and shopping. Ms. Allen has 3 great- grandchildren!!In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, reading and puzzles.

About Naomi

  • Favorite Music: R&B
  • Favorite Color(s): Red
  • Favorite Food: Soul Food & any kind of potato
  • Hometown: Nassassdow, VA

" We are very proud and pleased that Naomi is our Front Entrance Receptionist, she is positive and knowledgeable and brings a lot of happiness and cheer to our Residents, Guests, & Visitors!! Just a little fact, In 2003 Mrs. Allen was voted Rockville Nursing Home - Nurse of the Year!!! She is still at it!!! She continues to brighten our daily interactions with her wisdom, expertise, winning personality, years of dedication, service & her support. We are so lucky to have her!! Thank You Naomi. "

-Vincent McCubbin

" Naomi is one of our dedicated and loyal employees who adds to our positive environment. She has an even temperament and handles high-pressure situations with a calm demeanor. It has been a pleasure working with Naomi over the years "

-Margaret Armah, BSN, RN, WCC, DON-CLTC
Director or Nursing